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Give the Gift of Travel


Material and tangible gifts are always wonderful and appreciated, but nothing makes memories more than an experiences. Giving the Gift of Travel for birthdays, anniversaries, newlyweds, or the holidays is one the best ways to make a gift memorable; and there are so many ways to do it too!

If you want something more tangible, we can always create a Gift of Travel Certificate to gift to your loved ones. Or maybe you want our assistance planning something for the end of an already established trip. When we remember events, we’re most likely to look back at the way they end due to the “peak-end effect”. And that effect lends itself perfectly to gift giving: whether that be a farewell dinner, a massage on the last night prior to departing home, or an excursion to top off the trip, the options are limitless.

Remember to keep your recipient’s interests in mind. It seems like a no-brainer, but research finds the opposite. Gift givers tend to give things that they like without taking into account what the recipient likes. Just because 12-course, three-and-a-half hour tasting menus are your thing, it doesn't mean they're everyone's. If your friend or family member is more the outdoors-type, consider a guided hike. If they wouldn't be caught dead in a tent, find ways to infuse a little luxury into the trip. Supplementing a trip with add-ons travelers on a budget often skip—namely private car services and nicer hotel rooms—can be an ideal present for any traveler.

Alternatively, consider letting go of the planning reins, consult with the recipient, and then work with a travel advisor (us) who can craft the trip of a lifetime for them when the time is right for a price that works for you. Working with a travel professional, (see Preferred Travel Services), also allows you to bypass the process of gathering names, birthdays, dates, and passport information—often required upon booking. Yes, you'll ruin the surprise, but you'll ensure it's a gift your friend, family, or significant other will enjoy.

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