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Insure Your Travel Investment and Protect Yourself from Uncertainties

Honeymoons, anniversaries, destination weddings, even just a family vacation overseas. In the end, most vacations are an investment which requires your time and money. While vacations are always much needed for those of us in the working class, travelers come in all ages and varying degrees of health. Whether you're retired and in the best shape of your life, or younger with some pre-existing conditions, everyone takes and deserves a vacation.

That being said, a vacation is an investment, and like many other investments, you'll want to consider insuring it should anything happen. As much as anyone would love to enjoy their vacation time, sometimes Mother Nature has other plans. Nothing in life is perfect, and sometimes the unexpected occurs. We have had clients have to use their travel insurance for any and every reason, from something less severe such as a missed connection, to needing surgery in a foreign country. Luckily, in most of those cases, they were covered under travel insurance for their needs.

So how does travel insurance work?

The rate paid is based on a sliding scale based on quite a few factors just like normal health insurance. The cost of insurance is based on the total cost of the trip, the traveler's age, as well as any pre-existing factors. Travel insurance purchased for a cruise or as part of a package is only based on the cost of the trip. In numerous cases, there is a reduced to no charge for minor children on the same policy as their parents or grandparents.

To cover any pre-existing conditions, insurance MUST be purchased within 2-3 weeks of the deposit or first payment toward the trip. Pre-existing conditions also apply to all family members, not just those travelling.

There are different types of plans and providers for all types of trips, but it's always best to have trip insurance. And should anything occur while you are on the trip of your lifetime, it's a definite peace of mind to know that you will be taken care of no matter the country.

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